We can build you almost any size/colour unit you require to either be part of a larger order and you need a bespoke bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen unit to fill a nonstandard size or a complete one-off unit on its’ own. Please fill in the form below with as many details as possible and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Bespoke bathroom, bedroom and kitchen furniture buy online today

Our bathroom furniture cabinets are fully bespoke. You can choose the height, width, depth and colour of the units as well as having 8 different door styles in 62 different colours. You would think that having this much choice would cost the earth but it doesn’t.

Have a look at the cost of our bespoke bathroom, bedroom and kitchen furniture and compare the prices to all our major competitors and you will be amazed. We are cheaper than all the top brands such as Eco and Shades and they only have 14 different units in 2 different depths. We have:

8 different depths

250 different units

8 door styles

62 different colours

7 cabinet colours

What more can you want? Custom made bathroom furniture, UK made, fully rigid with doors and drawers fitted at the UK’s lowest price.