Bathroom Furniture Quality Information

Why our furniture is the best quality on the U.K. market:

  • We have the highest specification bathroom cabinets on the UK market at an unbeatable price – up to 45% off RRP, saving you £££££££££’s.
  • All cabinets are delivered fully assembled including any doors and drawer fascias fitted. This is a real-time saver if you wish to install the bathroom yourself. It eliminates the risk of damaging cabinets while constructing or failing to order vital components. In some cases this may also reduce your installation charges.
  • All our drawer units come with a soft close drawer as standard and not an optional extra.
  • All doors come with a soft close hinge as standard and not as an optional extra.
  • You, as a customer, have all the benefits of purchasing a high-quality bathroom from the internet and take advantage of reduced prices. At the same time you have the peace of mind that you can come to our showroom and see us as a company and check quality of our cabinetry for yourself.
  • Our cabinets are pocket screwed together with a solid 18mm back panel as opposed to cheaper methods of construction, such as cam and doweled (the way flat packed kitchens are normally constructed). The majority of cabinets are colour matched to the door both inside and out. We also have the flexibility to extend and reduce cabinet depth as each cabinet is made to order.
    Bathroom Furniture Technical Information
    Here you will find the fitting instructions for our bathroom furniture and a few hints and tips.
  • All carcasses, plinths and fillers are vinyl wrapped either MFC or MDF (depends on the range) even if the range is solid wood.
  • All of our units come with soft close hinges and drawers as standard.
  • All of our cabinets are delivered fully assembled, with the doors and drawers fitted.
  • Our carcasses are constructed using a pocket screwing method, which is stronger than the cam and dowel method.
  • The material we use to construct our carcasses is 18mm thick MFC.
  • The majority of our range comes with colour matched carcasses although we cannot offer gloss, supermatt or solid wood carcasses, only matt. Please note that even if the colour of the door is the same as the colour of the carcass there may be a slight difference due to them being different materials and from different suppliers.
  • Our units are built with adjustable shelves.
  • Our units can be any depth from 200mm to 550mm in increments of 50mm. All depths on the website exclude the door depth.
  • Drawer boxes will be 270mm deep on all units that have a carcass depth of 300 – 495mm deep. Drawer boxes will be 470mm deep on all units where the carcasses are 500 – 550mm deep.
  • The minimum depth of a drawer unit is 300mm deep.
  • All of our mirrored bathroom cabinets come with a mirror on a carcass colour matched backing door. The range simply denotes the carcass colour.
  • Multi drawer units on our solid wood ranges can have a longer lead time due to them being made to order. We will always send the unit up with these to follow unless told otherwise.
  • All base units come with a 45mm service void at the back. The only exception to this is 300mm deep drawer stacks and 300mm deep Linen Basket units, which do not have a service void.
  • All wall units come with a 10mm service void at the back.
  • Standard base units are 720mm high, adding a 140mm Plinth and 30mm Worktop, takes the total height to 890mm high.
  • Sit-on base units are 575mm high, adding a 140mm Plinth and 30mm Worktop, takes the total height to 745mm high.
  • Modular base units are 575mm high, and can be wall hung at any height.
  • Wall units come in either 575mm high or 720mm high.
  • Mid-Height units are 1295mm high, adding a 140mm Plinth and 30mm Worktop, takes the total height to 1465mm high.
  • Tall Units are 1825mm high, adding a 140mm Plinth, takes the total height to 1965mm high.
  • All units come with full adjustment on the hinges and hinge plates, to allow flexibility if the alignment goes off square during fitting.
  • Our furniture is moisture resistant; however, we recommend that any excess water or damp is removed as soon as possible.
  • All carcasses and open units come in a matt finish. We can supply gloss end panels in White, Black, Cream or Walnut.
  • We do not drill our doors for handles, your doors will be spot marked on the back to suit the handles you have chosen.
  • We do not cut the worktop or units for sanitary ware, cisterns or similar. Most basins and pans come with templates to help your installer cut the holes.
  • All Shaker solid oak doors have a solid oak frame with a laminate centre panel.
  • Some doors with a frame (Shaker etc) only have the door detail on doors over 240mm. Below this they will be flat. 200mm solid wood doors may take slightly longer than other sizes as they are made to order.
  • The internal rail for the front/bottom of the WC units may need to be cut out for your soil pipe.
  • All doors, drawers and fascias are easily removable in order to access your services, or to keep them safe during installation. Our fascias are connected on spring or sliding clips and our hinges can be removed by depressing the button at the rear of the hinge arm to release.