1984 – Founded

GPS was born in 1984 as a plumbers merchant called Gosport Plumbing Supplies, based in Gosport, Hampshire. There were only 3 members of staff including the founder, Derek Doye.

Although GPS was open to the public it was primarily to serve the trade and building sites.

1987 – Progress

In 1997 a decision to move into selling bathrooms was put into action. The warehouse stocking plumbing fittings was turned into a bathroom showroom. We were lucky enough to be chosen to have Anna Ryder Richardson come down and design an area of our showroom for us.

1999 – Moving Into Kitchens And Bedrooms

After the success of our bathroom showroom, we moved into selling kitchens and bedrooms as well. This coincided with the purchase of the adjacent warehouse to accommodate this expansion. These 3 combined units are where our showroom still resides.

2001 – Manufacturing

2001 was the gamechanger for GPS. This is the year we bought 4 industrial units on our current site and went into the manufacturing of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furniture. We quickly went from selling to local retail and trade customers to supplying furniture all over the UK.

2005 – Brochures

2005 saw us introduce our first-ever branded brochure.

These proved so popular that we were getting through 10,000 per year.

2022 – Final Destination

2021 sees GPS Furniture as a large player in the furniture manufacturing industry. We are large enough to cater for many trade customers but still small enough to produce bespoke, one-off items if required.

We now have brochures for our bathroom, bedroom and kitchen ranges as well as price lists. You can now also find us on the industry-leading quoting system Easyquote.

We now have 3 full-time sales representatives covering the whole South of England from Oxfordshire right across to Kent. If you would like to get one of them to come to you to introduce our company please get in touch.